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Stéphanie Goulet and the very best of urban architecture

It is well known that Montreal’s arts and letters scene is a fertile ground for original creators. In 2018, in the midst of a brilliant career in advertising among major international companies, Stéphanie Goulet decided to devote herself full time to her art.

But first, it was at the age of 12, after meeting the animal painter Régis Vézina who would become her first teacher, that Goulet began painting. Innate reflexes, a frank brushstroke, and a keen eye already reflect an undeniable talent. But like any painter learning, her work remains youthful while slowly maturing. At the time of choices for a future career, the artist joined the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue in Graphic and Multimedia Arts to end up with a Masters in Graphic Arts in Toulouse, France. Following her studies, Goulet worked for several companies in the fashion and cosmetics industry where she applied her talent to packaging and advertising. Although painting took a back seat in her life, she never stopped producing. The career following its path, she founded a family and is now the mother of 2 children.

The call of the brushes got too strong in 2018. In her prime and having developed a passion for photography, the 38-year-old Montreal-based artist decided to paint one of her picture of a historic building that she had taken a few months earlier. It is in this painting that her lessons with the painter Vézina, her time in France following a stopover in Abitibi and her years in business merged into a single expertise. The ultra-realistic result of this painting, which remains in her private collection today, was the birth of her very own style.

Her creative approach is original and unique; she walks the streets of Montreal on the lookout for the perfect light to shoot the city’s most astonishing architectural scenes. Create a vertigo effect by the angle of the shot; that is the goal. It is not uncommon to see her waiting for hours and hours in front of a building or on industrial building lots, waiting for the light to change, for it to become perfect. For Goulet, these are the moments of creation. While some create in front of the canvas, Stéphanie Goulet creates in the face of the time that passes and light that changes.

Today, Stéphanie Goulet makes a living from her art and devotes herself full time to painting buildings for individuals and companies who commission them for their corporate collections. Her work is only exhibited in very rare cases in galleries. The artist, a woman of her time, exhibits the entire creative process on social media where almost all of her production is sold.

Now 40 years old, Stéphanie Goulet lives and has a workshop in Verdun with her husband and two children.

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